Cabin in the Sky (spoilers)

cabin in the sky

Cabin in the Sky came out in 1943. A time of war, struggle and racism. Cabin in the Sky was a chance. A chance for black people in America to change history. This film was the first ever to star an all-black cast. So of course producing this musical to movie came with big risks, especially of the financial kind. The play was written by a white man named Lynn Root, produced by another white man named Arthur Freed and directed by yet another white man named Vincente Minnelli, ironic.

‘Little’ Joe Jackson has a bad gambling problem. This habit gets him into some serious trouble when temptation came knocking and he answered the door. Joe is shot and the doctor says that Joe may not make it. Whilst Joe is on his death bed Lucifer Jr. comes to visit him. I liked this scene. At first you see the candle flicker on on its own then the camera pans to a growing shadow with horns. I liked this because it was subtle like the devil himself is and it gave off an insidious vibe. Lucifer Jr. tells Joe that he’s come to take him to hell. Before Lucifer Jr. can make off with him an angel of the Lord appears and stops him. He tells Joe that due to Petunia’s strong prayers that he has a chance. They give him 6 more months to live and prove himself and change. But, there’s a catch; he won’t remember anything. So he has the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

I must give major props to Ethel Waters for her portrayal of Petunia Jackson. Ethel Waters was born for this role. Petunia is written as warm and good in contrast to her on-screen husband, Joe. When we first meet Petunia we immediately get a sense of who she is and what she’s about. She is first seen dressed very modestly in church, all covered up. She then begins to sing the hymn proudly with a big smile on her face. You can feel this character through the screen. She is very warm and I enjoyed her screen time. Petunia’s love for and faith in God is a part of her character. She extends this love to her husband. One of my favorite scenes is when Joe awakens and Petunia is so over-joyed that she begins to sing to Joe. This is one of my favorites because it is so strongly reiterated just how much Petunia loves Joe. Of course the song she sings here is called ‘Happiness is a thing called Joe’ but I mean the way that she looked at him while singing was fantastic.

At the beginning the preacher and a fellow church goer have a conversation about Joe. “I heard he’s coming of his own free will.” “I’ll believe that when I see it.” This insinuates that prior to this occasion Petunia was dragging Joe to church, this further speaks to just how much she loves her husband. Although many would say that Joe is no good considering his non-Christian behavior. But, Petunia truly believed in him all the way and she never gave up and never stopped praying. Petunia, in my opinion, is a character to admire and look up to for these characteristics. At the same time Petunia is this imperfect character because towards the end we see her come to the same bar as Joe and she is dressed extravagantly, she demands Joe’s money and renounces him as her husband. This happens after she believes that Joe’s been unfaithful to her. This shows that even someone who seemed so holy before can fall prey to sin, especially if they are hurt the way that Petunia was. This makes us human; definitely not a good thing. But, Petunia Jackson just became more relatable to the audience.

Petunia and Joe have a great dynamic. When they go out to the park Petunia tells Joe of the cabin in the sky that’s waiting for them. You can see it in Joe’s eyes how much he loves his wife. It is during this time that we see how unsure of himself Joe is. When Petunia sings about heaven and this cabin Joe doesn’t look at Petunia. He looks out at the sky instead. To him this is a dream that he doesn’t think will come true. Petunia reassures him. As the songs goes on he begins to believe in himself and his smile widens because she gives him hope.

Joe may have been a troubled man but he did love Petunia. When he was supposed to be in church his gambling buddies go see him and tell him that if he wins this last game then he can get something nice for Petunia. Had they not brought her up Joe would have gone to church accordingly and we wouldn’t have much of a movie. After Joe awakens and becomes well again he has a really good streak and he refrains from sin. Keep in mind that he doesn’t remember the meeting with the angel and Lucifer Jr. but he does these things for Petunia. I do think that Joe is religious character but he lost hope in himself and is unsure but, if he can make Petunia happy then that’s good enough. When Petunia is shot and killed at the end I love Joe’s expression. I don’t love that he was sad but I love the way that he did that scene. The quiet and desperate “Petunia?” that comes from him as he looks only at his dying wife while the gun is still pointed at him.

One of my favorite scenes is during the “Consequences” song. Georgia Brown comes around to seduce Joe but he says no. This is major turn in his character. We saw earlier when he was supposed to be in church, he couldn’t say no and ended up getting hurt. This time he is thinking of the consequences of his actions, hence the name of the song. This once again is where we see how important Petunia is to Joe.

Georgia Brown. The devil’s favorite. Her entrance is much different from Petunia’s. When we get our first look at Georgia she isn’t even fully dressed. We get a look at where she lives and you can see that her room and it’s pretty and feminine and full of things. Lucifer Jr. directs her every move. He tells her to put on something nice and wear her best perfume to go seduce Joe. She is the polar opposite of Petunia. Georgia Brown uses her femininity in the bad way. She shows off her body and takes pride in all of her material things and she is a homewrecker. She is a classic example of a sinful person who came to Jesus. At the end she ends up being Joe’s saving grace. After Joe and Petunia die she rebukes her ways and gets saved and prays for Joe thus getting him into heaven.

I would lying if I said that I didn’t have a few criticisms for this film. I understand that this movie was made in the 40s and back then they couldn’t do a lot of what they do in films today. But, there were a lot of really cheesy points. When Lucifer Jr. first appeared at first it was a shadow, then he came into view and it was the stereotypical devil with horns. Except the horns were made from this guy’s afro… Then every time Lucifer Jr. appeared on screen he did this maniacal laugh and it was rather corny. Also keeping in mind that this was originally a play and most of the actors that appeared in the movie were apart of the original production some of the scenes were a bit over-acted in my opinion. The scene where Joe awakens to see Lucifer Jr. his reactions were over the top. His eyes widened so big and he basically acted like someone would have in a play.

This is a story about life and the power of prayer. For little Joe Jackson prayer changed everything for him. He was led into temptation and he entertained it for a long time until he met someone worth changing for. This story is one that should inspire and give hope to all us sinners. Joe thought that all hope for him was lost but, he found salvation. And so can you.

Thank you for reading,

God Bless






I am not a feminist. I am women who wants to enjoy being a women. I don’t want to be equal to a man either. Women in the west already have all of the same rights as men. Women were at first put on a pedestal; God’s most precious creation. But, feminism came along and ruined all of that. I honestly only see things getting worse from here on in. I’ll explain to you below why I feel such disdain about feminism.


Many feminists claim that feminism is all about equality. That women and men should be the same and have equal rights and whatnot. Here’s the thing though. We already do, especially here in the U.S.

Feminists will preach till the cows come home about equality however the movement is anything but. Feminists have done nothing for men and everything for women. Feminism has only tried to exclude men and put women above men in actuality. In Austin, Texas the Alamo Drafthouse theater decided to host a women-only showing of the new Wonder Woman movie that just came out, inequality. In 2015 in Colorado Springs some female cops felt that the physical fitness exam was not fair to women so they went to court and filed a federal lawsuit. Can you believe that they actually won? I can’t. Once again not equality. If men have to take this fitness test in order to pass and become a cop then women should also.

Feminists are hateful, not just towards men but also at other women. Mainly women who choose to be housewives. They want to fight for the right for women to make their own choices but when a woman chooses the traditional route suddenly she too is an enemy.

The Wage Gap

The wage gap is a myth. Since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 women and men have been paid equally for doing the same job. If it were legal to pay women less than men than you can bet your sweet pippy that a lot of companies would hire more women and reject men. If there is a reason that women in general make less than men it’s because of the different career choices that men and women make. Women are more likely to take time off to care for their children, women dominate lower paying careers like social work, and education. Men are willing to work longer hours and do more dangerous jobs; in fact men are more likely to die on the job than women. There is no gender wage gap.

Rape Culture

Rape culture is not a thing either. There is this incorrect statistic going around saying that 1 in 5 women in college are raped or sexually assaulted. The real statistic is more like 1 in 52 which is still a lot but, this confirms that you are actually safer at your college than when you aren’t. The study took responses from two big universities in the U.S. No one’s responses were verified and terms were not specified. Did you know that the authors of the survey said that using their survey to come to such a conclusion was inappropriate? Plus their is also the fact that in the U.S. rape has been found to be on a downward slope for a long time now and I can only see it continuing to get lower. I got this information from Prager University.

Rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, I would never stand by a rapist. A false accusation of rape is also a really terrible thing. This is something that I’ve seen increase quite a bit. Typically it’s feminists who are the ones making these false claims. When you falsely accuse a man of rape you are ruining his life. Most women are aware that the court will immediately side with the woman and feminists use this against men all the time. It’s cruel. Even if that man is innocent and he is accused of rape then he will most likely have an incredibly hard time finding a job, finding a lover, finding a friend. He’ll be hated by a lot of people, people he doesn’t even know. You would think that feminists would try and combat this unfair system since they’re supposedly all about equality, but they don’t. Also did you know that men are actually more likely to get raped when you include prison? Where are the feminists to help the men getting raped in prison?


Women are not oppressed in America. I’ve seen claims that oppression is when a women is expected to behave or look a certain way in order to get a job or have a nice, successful date. If you show up to a job interview with your hair looking like  a rat’s nest and your clothes all disheveled then your chances of getting that job are slim. If you decide on a date to a nice restaurant that you will be as unpleasant as you like and show up in a T-shirt and jeans then your date is most definitely going to be turned off. You can’t walk around looking and behaving like Shrek and then expect Prince Charming to still come around.

The phrase “I don’t need a man” needs to disappear entirely. Yes. Yes, you do need a man. We all need men. You can’t use that phrase and adopt that mentality and then wonder why you can’t get a boyfriend. Woman was created after man. We are supposed to be partners. That mentality says that you think as a woman that you can have it all. For the most part it’s not possible. For some rich women yes, for most others no. You could have a kid and have a job and have a husband. Usually the kid gets neglected in these situations or God forbid-you have a “house-husband”. I’ll get into gender roles in another post. Typically these situations don’t end well for the child he or she will end up messed up in the head. Children need their mothers and it is incredibly difficult for a woman to give one hundred percent at work and then come home and give just as much to their child and husband. So most women don’t have a child until their in their late 30’s or forties and by then it’s either too late or it’s very dangerous to have a child. So they end up depressed because they chose their job over having children and/or getting married.

Sluts/Victim Blaming

Being a slut is not something to take pride in. No one (man or women) should take pride in sleeping with tons of people. It’s disgusting. When you sleep around you are sharing yourself with lots people. You cannot just give these intimate moments to any old Joe-schmo. The gift of sex is to be shared with the person you marry and no one else. Otherwise when you get married the special moment isn’t special. And you probably have an STD. Walking around scantily clad will not stop rape. Yes, I’m talking about the slut walk. Something that should not have ever happened. Walking around topless for everyone to see you is only going to tell people the message that you don’t value yourself and that you are the kind of person who thinks that that behavior is ok. It is not ok to be a slut.

I am certainly not one for victim blaming. If someone gets raped then it is the rapist who is at fault and no one else. At the same time the women who gets raped needs to understand that you should not go out half-dressed, drunk out of your mind and hang around a sleazy bar especially if you’re alone. That’s not victim blaming that’s called having common sense.

Women in Media

Feminists say that all sorts of media sexualize women. They aren’t wrong. A lot of media does sexualize women. This I think, has more to do with the fact that the media loves to sensationalize everything. Sex sells and that’s basic marketing. Also does the media not also sexualize men? Does the media not have huge, ripped shirtless guys everywhere? Isn’t feminism about equality? So shouldn’t feminists also be fighting against the sexualization of men in the media?

I’ll bring body image into this too; It keeps changing. Way back when, it was popular for women to be overweight, that meant that you could afford food, that you were so wealthy that you could afford an abundance of food. It was popular for women to be stick thin as well, like in the nineties. Here’s what I’ll say about this. Parents: You control what your child sees, you help to shape the way that your child thinks. If you don’t want your child to idolize what they see on TV then turn the channel or better yet turn the TV off. Instill some confidence and pride in your kid. These days Hollywood idolizes healthy bodies. Bony figures these days are seen as unhealthy. If you’re an adult you can’t allow the media to tell you what you should look like. You should just do your best to be healthy and adopt healthy practices. You have a mind of your own, remember that. Plus shouldn’t feminists also concern themselves about what men think of their bodies? Shouldn’t feminists be upset with Calvin Klein ads that feature buff, glistening handsome men?

Also I want to just add that as a child I didn’t care about the standards of beauty that I saw on the screen. That is the way that a child should think. I wasn’t concerned with how thin I was; I just wanted to play and have fun.

Ok, I think I’ve covered most of the main points. I don’t want equality; I want to be treated like a lady. When I’m on a date I expect the man to pay, I expect the man to hold the door open for me, I expect a man to speak gently to me; not in a patronizing way obviously. But I don’t want my boyfriend to speak to me the same way he does with his guy friends. Now I’m not saying I’m special. I’m not perfect, I’m not Elizabeth Taylor but, I’m a woman. I believe in the traditional, Biblical definition of what a godly woman should be. I’m not saying it’s not difficult, cause it is. We unfortunately were born into sin so yes we’ll struggle. As you grow in Christ things get better, they always do. I just really hate that feminism has taken such strides to take women off of the pedestal that we were originally placed upon. A woman’s purpose is to give birth and help the man unless God specifically has a special plan for you. That is my stance on feminism.

Thank you for reading,

God bless





sensitive bubbles

I really am. This is something that I’m not proud of. My feelings get hurt easily and holy crap. Holy Crap. I really really really really really really really really REALLY wish that I was one of those people that could take anything thrown at them and not react. Or that I was one of those people that could take it and throw it back with equal or more intensity. But alas, I’m not. Do you wanna know what I do instead?

I cry. Or I’ll hide my face so they don’t see my reaction. But they can see it. I hate giving anyone that satisfaction; maybe it’s because I’m a millenial that I have this issue. I’m not saying that I want to be some soulless monster but I just…I don’t know. Things would just be easier if I could turn off my feelings sometimes. I’m sure that that’s how a lot of people feel. When there is an issue I’ll know for a fact that it was either my fault or someone else’s or it’s in the past or whatever, I’m basically saying that I know all the logistics of what’s happening and why. So for me when I cry it’s this physical reaction that I feel I have no control over. When I think about the issue or try to solve it I don’t want to cry but I just do. Then you know what happens? I get looked at like I’m crazy. I just wish that someone would understand that crying is just this physical reaction. I know everything but, I don’t know why I’m crying. I wish that people would understand that and then just leave it be. Just leave me to solve the issue or help me solve the issue-just don’t look at me like I’m crazy for crying.

It’s not even that nasty, sobbing, nose dripping crying either. But, I am sensitive. That’s something that I hope to fix in the future. I hate being affected the way that I am. I am sensitive to people’s words and actions and to the way that they look at me. I see others and they seem unaffected by any of those things or at least they have perfected the “poker face”. This is the method that seems most feasible. I’m getting better too. I do my best to keep a straight face and think about something else, ignore the sadness or rage brewing in my belly and think about something nice…like cake or F is For Family(great show on Netflix, NOT for kids). I’m not alone in feeling this way right? I don’t feel alone in this. Like I said this may just be a millenial problem or it could just be that some people are more sensitive than others.

Speaking of sensitivity is there any truth to a person possessing the ‘highly sensitive’ trait? Or is this some new generation mumbo jumbo? Because a lot of that seems to apply to me. I would love to blame something like that for me being the way that I am but it seems like an lame excuse…If it’s not an excuse, great. Then I am a highly sensitive person, if it’s nonsense then I’m just sensitive. Whatever.

Thanks for reading,

God bless

A Place in the Sun (spoilers)

A Place in the Sun

Ah yes A Place in the Sun (1951). A film which upon release received rave reviews and critical acclaim. One of the most notable being from the late great Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin called the film “the greatest movie ever made about America”. I watched this movie to see if these claims were true. And I’d say yes. Yes they were.

Montgomery Clift as George Eastman was positively brilliant. Montgomery Clift was a method actor and you can clearly see his talent flair in this movie. He spent a night in a real jail cell to get the scene of George in jail just right and I would say that he did. When his mother comes to visit him in jail you see him on the bed just slouching and looking depressed. You can feel the hopelessness coming off of him.

George is someone who grew up poor and most likely very religious. George wanted more for himself than what his family had provided for him. George craved wealth. America is the land of opportunity and George is someone who took advantage of this. Although he grew up from a background of giving and not receiving, George wanted this American dream instead. As seen in the movie he would do anything to achieve it. Him nearly murdering Alice says a lot about who he is as character. His background has a lot to do with the fact that he chose not to kill Alice. That’s not a good excuse for him taking her out there with the plan to kill her of course. But, he pitied her. He saw how sad and desperate she was and felt that it would be too inhumane to kill her. Plus even though she did die and it technically wasn’t of his accord you could see how upset he was with himself afterward.

What’s in a name? While this isn’t the main focus of the film it does ask this question. The Eastman name bares a lot of weight. When Earl Eastman (Mr.Eastman’s son) is showing George around he makes the comment, “You’re an Eastman, you’re expected to at like one”. This comment shows that they are not everyday people. They are ‘somebodies’. All this being foreign to George who came from a family that rejected everything that the Eastman name stood for.

Shelley Winters as Alice Tripp and Elizabeth Taylor as Angela Vickers played their roles wonderfully as well. The difference between those two is blatant throughout the entire movie, even through the way that they speak. Elizabeth Taylor as Angela Vickers spoke in that typical high-pitched breathy tone that many actresses during that time spoke. But, this way of speaking made her character seem more feminine and it says something about the way that she grew up; very refined. Opposed to the way that Alice spoke. Alice did not speak with the same grace in which Angela did. When Alice spoke you could hear the desperation and low self-confidence which, Shelley Winters did a fantastic job portraying.

Angela is everything that Alice is not. When George first gets his job at the factory it’s Alice that notices him first and George doesn’t look her way until a few months on the job. However when George meets the other side of his family he notices Angela before she notices him. Director, George Stevens establishes who Angela Vickers is as a character perfectly in this scene. When she enters through the door of the Eastman home you will notice sweet sounding violins in background as she gracefully floats over to greet the family. “I’m always late. It’s a part of my charm.” Angela puts effort into coming off the way that she does. She is dressed to the nines as well which is just the icing on the cake. George stares at her for a long time and they don’t officially meet until later on in the film. She makes a good, strong first impression on not only George Eastman but for the viewers as well.

Angela is everything that George wants or what any man would want. She’s beautiful, graceful, and I noticed that she isn’t like the other rich folk in this movie. This movie portrays the rich as snobby, exclusive and arrogant. When Mr. Eastman tells the family about George immediately they turn up their noses. When Earl (Mr. Eastman’s son) is told that him and George look alike he takes offense to it. The family objects to taking up with him socially. As though having anything to do with a person of lower class even if they’re family, is wrong. Upon meeting George, Angela is kind to him. When George takes the phone call to his mother at the party she is seen partaking in a bit of tomfoolery in the background thus showing that she has a bit of a playful side as well.

George wanted to attend the soiree that Angela was throwing. He stood outside the gates of the Vickers’ home and looked on almost dreamily; thinking of the life that he thinks he can never have. He then decides to go to the movies where perchance Alice is. Once again he doesn’t see her and she sees him first. This is when George decides to settle on Alice because he thinks he can never have someone like Angela. They go on a walk. This is where we learn more about Alice Tripp. She grew up poor and had to come out there to work. “You’re an Eastman. You’re not in the same boat as anyone.” We also learn that she can’t swim. (hintity, hint hint). I love foreshadowing in any form of media and this entire conversation that they have is foreshadowing for the climax of the film. She lacks confidence as she often doesn’t look at George as their walking and makes a lot of comments about his last name and is very apprehensive of him. Plus looks wise compared to Angela Vickers, Alice Tripp looks frumpy and plain looking. Nothing about her stands out and she has low self-esteem. Her jealously and desperation are made even more apparent when she and George are working and she overhears George and his uncle talking.

When he receives a promotion the camera shows Alice looking worried rather than happy for George. George getting a promotion means that George will no longer be in the same boat as her and she is afraid that he will run off with someone else (like Angela Vickers…). This scene shows how insecure she is about her relationship with George.

Later on when George goes to the party he looks and feels out of place so he goes off on his own to play pool. This is where Angela and George speak to each other for the first time. Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor have fantastic chemistry with each other. There is a reason that they were rumored to be dating in real life after the film’s release. George looks transfixed by Angela as she questions him and circles the pool table. He looks at her in a way that he never looked at Alice. The close ups when they were dancing and when they went outside to talk are some of the best shots in the movie. Those shots are what make the scenes. They are romantic and they capture the mood of the scenes just right.

My favorite part of the movie is when George is on the phone with Alice and then takes a phone call from Angela. Afterward he is listening to the the voice coming from the radio as it warns the listeners against drownings. I love this scene for the camera work, the fantastic acting and the brilliant directing from George Stevens. There is a stark difference between the way he sounds when talking to Angela vs talking to Alice. George sounds almost excited to hear from Angela whereas he looked and sounded burdened when speaking with Alice. In this scene his only lines were when he was on the phone. He then goes back to his room and sits on his own for a minute you can see how troubled he his. He clearly feels bad for cheating on Alice. But, in the background you can see through the window, the big glowing VICKERS sign. Always reminding George of Angela and what he could have vs what he currently has. I also love the foreshadowing of the radio host warning people to be careful of drowning. You can see the plan to kill Alice forming in his head. Montgomery Clift’s acting during this scene is amazing because he hasn’t said a word since talking on the phone with Angela. Still though you can tell what he’s thinking and you know what’s going on. This is the sign of a great actor.

There is one thing that I don’t understand still. The lack of empathy for Alice Tripp. She wasn’t a bad person. Undesirable? Sure, but I honestly don’t think that she deserved to die. Back in the 50’s things were different. No contraception, nearly impossible to get an abortion and single women with children were very much looked down upon by society. Plus she said that she was poor and she probably couldn’t support the child on her own if she had it. George strung her along, he never actually loved her and wanted to dump her as soon as something better came along. She was sad and desperate and insecure and she needed someone who could help her. Maybe not a husband but even just a good friend. It’s implied that she doesn’t have many as she’s always working and doesn’t go out much. Suddenly there is this handsome man that comes from a rich family (at least on one side anyway) who takes an interest in her. I understand why she made the choices that she did and I understand why she was so desperate to keep George all to herself.

There is so much more that I could write about this movie. With older movies I feel like no time was wasted. Every line, every camera angle, every shot had a purpose. To add to a character or to further the plot and I love that. This movie definitely has that. With that being said I could have written so much more about this movie and there were some things that I didn’t cover but I did cover most things that I thought were important. I also like that the ending is debatable. Did George kill Alice? Was George a bad person? Should he have been convicted? He could have saved her but he didn’t. He had the intention to kill but he didn’t. I like that there is all this “gray area”. It leaves room for different interpretations and it makes the watcher think.

I’ve said my piece about the movie I really did enjoy it. I would definitely recommend it. Don’t let its age scare you off, it’s an oldie but goodie.

Thanks for reading,

God bless





The Princess and the Frog


I was 12 years old when The Princess and the Frog premiered. I remember how big of a deal it was; the first black princess. I didn’t end up seeing it until my 13th birthday when I got the DVD as a gift. Because I was so young I didn’t realize the importance of this film. This film means a lot to the African-American community. Hence why I am writing this post. I’ll admit the first time I watched this film I found it rather lackluster. I didn’t think that it was bad, just-not that interesting.

My family and I have had discussions about this movie (yes, we’re an African-American family). I was surprised to find that for the most part they didn’t like it. I really didn’t understand why. So I asked them to state their problems with the movie. And they did. I then went back and watched it a 2nd time and I was in awe of this movie. I think I love it so much now because I am older. I now possess the mental capacity to understand symbolism and themes and all of that which lies beneath the surface of this beautiful Disney film. I write this post in defense of this movie.

This blog post will address my family’s complaints about the movie and probably some other peoples’ as well.


-Tiana should have been prettier/lack of “wow”-factor

-Tiana grew up poor

-Tiana didn’t start out as a princess

-No “culture” about her

-Villain should have been scarier

-Stereotypical black name, Tiana

-A lacking soundtrack

-Prince wasn’t “princely”, non-regal

-Setting should have been different (example-Africa)

-Tiana’s mother worked for a white family

-No mention of Tiana’s beauty

-Tiana was a hard-working black character

-Black stereotypes

-Was a frog for most of movie

That is quite a list. Lets begin with the first point. Princess Tiana not being pretty. Now It was never that Tiana was ugly but it was implied that the other Disney princesses were prettier than her. I almost didn’t include this because this opinion is purely subjective. I truly do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are some factors to take into consideration explaining Tiana’s look. Tiana is the first American Disney princess. Thus she is supposed to look like African-American women from the U.S. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that all black women look like Tiana but she has that look about her and it is these exact features that make her beautiful. This movie was made for black American women and girls. A lot of black women have Tiana’s same features similar to how a lot of Asian women have a lot of Mulan’s features. It is to let these women and girls have someone to relate to. To let them know that they too are beautiful.

Now onto the second point. Tiana grew up poor. Tiana’s childhood played a HUGE part in her becoming the princess that she became. Looking back at Tiana’s childhood she was a total daddy’s girl. Her father cooked and taught her to cook as well; gumbo being the specialty of course. They even shared the same dream of opening up a restaurant. Her father was an extremely hard working working man who loved his family and his community. In the movie it states that he worked two-sometimes three jobs at a time to make sure that his family had all that they needed. When Tiana told her parents about what her best friend Charlotte said about wishing on a star her father instilled in her a valuable lesson. That making wishes and dreaming will only get you so far, you have to work hard for what you want and earn it. This is something that Tiana carried with her for the rest of her life. Tiana is not a typical princess because she is so hard-working. This is crucial character development.

The third point. Tiana didn’t start out being a princess. I personally don’t see the issue with her not being a princess from the start. Mulan wasn’t a princess, she never even had the opportunity in the movie to become a princess. Cinderella didn’t start out as a princess. In fact that is the draw of the Cinderella story, rags to riches. The difference is that Tiana worked for her riches. Belle also did not start out as a princess. In fact you could even say that she too was poor judging by her house. This once again speaks to the theme of  hard work in The Princess and the Frog.

The fourth point. Culture. This movie portrays a lot of black culture (and no I don’t mean being poor). For example she grew up in this impoverished neighborhood where the houses were smaller and the streets looked unkempt. But none of that seems to matter when little Tiana announces to the neighborhood that she made gumbo. You are then able here hoots and hollers of excitement about getting to taste her food. You can even hear a man shout that he has some hush puppies to go with the gumbo. This is something that I see a lot of in black culture and even in my own family. Things may be bad however we have good food and this brings people together and gives you something to smile about; especially in harsh times.

Now onto the fifth point. The villain. Dr. Facilier. Now I personally found him quite frightening for a Disney villain. He was the first villain to outright murder someone on screen and it was the comic relief (Ray the firefly) at that! The person who complained about this said that Scar was a scarier villain. I asked them why and they said that Scar was more evil. Some could argue that Scar killed Mufasa and he did, pretty much. Technically it was the wildebeests that ended Mufasa’s life however Scar being as crafty as he was set all of that up. Dr. Facilier saw Ray interfering with his plans and he almost nonchalantly steps on him and kills him. I suppose both of these of these villains are evil but Scar is unwilling to get his hands dirty. Both of these villains are after one thing, power. Both willing to do anything to obtain it. With Scar he kills his brother and lets his nephew, Simba, think that he is responsible. With Dr. Facilier he turned to demons and evil spirits for help. If I were a child I definitely would be more frightened of whatever spell or curse Dr. Facilier would put on me than if Scar sent a hyena after me (not that that is not scary).

Point number 6. “Stereotypical” black name, Tiana. Now I will say that statistically there are more black women and girls names Tiana than any other race. But I will also say that the name Tiana is fit for an black, American princess. The name Tiana as I read is Cherokee for the name Diana which means divine. The Greek meaning of the name is princess. Disney wanted her name to close to Tiara or to mean something regal. So naturally they picked Tiana. This, to me anyway sounds pretty good.

The seventh point. The soundtrack. Watching the movie for the first time, I’ll admit the only song that I really liked was the song played during the ending credits; Ne-Yo-Never Knew I Needed. When I watched it a second time I really enjoyed the soundtrack. My new favorite song on it in fact is Evangeline. Music is very subjective. I really love heavy metal music but it’s not other people’s cup of tea. That is understandable. I honestly think that perhaps if they watched the movie again and gave it another listen they wouldn’t have such a distaste for it.

The eighth point. Tiana’s prince was non-regal or non-prince-like. This is true. But this is a part of the story. When we meet Prince Naveen he comes off as a playboy or a party boy. He’s wooing the women and seeking attention as soon as he gets off of the boat to New Orleans. He comes off as irresponsible. This is all to build up his character. This is actually a part of why I love this movie. He isn’t a copy of all the other princes, he is imperfect. He doesn’t always do the right thing or make good choices (hence making a deal with the Shadow Man aka Dr. Facilier). Tiana and him are polar opposites. She is hard-working and has a goal and is willing to work for it. He relies on his parents money, he doesn’t work or know how to work. He’s also lazy and only wants to have fun. That is why this works so beautifully.

Along their journey she teaches him how to work hard and what the advantages are of working hard. He teaches her how to enjoy the fruits of her labor. He teaches her that it is okay to relax and have fun sometimes. They balance each other out. Along the way he learns and changes just like regular people do in life and I love that about this movie. Also there are other Disney princes that are guilty of being non-regal. Aladdin- an impoverished lier. Shang (Mulan)- he wasn’t even a prince. He had his chance to “get the girl” at the end after she had saved China but what does he say? “You fight good.” That wasn’t even proper grammar. The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)- dude was a jerk hence why he was turned into a beast. He was in no way, shape or form regal until Belle taught him how to be. Flynn Rider (Tangled)- he was an arrogant bandit. Doesn’t sound very regal to me.

Here’s point number nine. A different setting, maybe Africa. This movie was made for everyone. Even more so however for black women and girls. Notice how I said black. Not African. A little black girl in America wouldn’t relate to this movie had it been set in Africa. Plus let’s be honest. African women and Black women are two sides of the same coin. Our skin colors are similar sure, but there is a reason that most African people don’t consider themselves black. I for one thought that the setting was perfect. Especially for the time period that it was set in; the 1920’s. The south is where the highest black populations are and that is where most Africans immigrated to or you know…that’s where a lot of them were…”placed”. Louisiana makes perfect sense. That is also where gumbo originated from. I like this historical accuracy. It wouldn’t make much sense if it were set in some place like Montana, that is far too random and careless.

10: Tiana’s mother worked for a white family. Once again I do like the historical accuracy of this movie. I’ll bet a lot of black people worked for white families back then. There was a serious power imbalance. This is also seen in the scene where little Tiana is going home on the bus from Charlotte’s house. Charlotte’s house was much bigger than Tiana’s and much grander looking while Tiana’s house was the opposite. Also this is important because it introduces us to Charlotte, an important character. Sure there are other ways that Charlotte could have been introduced but I think introducing her the way that they did they did puts even more emphasis on the time period and the class and racial disparities. This is a big part of Tiana’s childhood and why she is the way that she is. Hard-working and she doesn’t want to work under someone else.

Point 11. No mentions of Tiana’s beauty. This right here is a false claim entirely. I watched the movie again and there were a lot. I will list them:

  • In the opening song, Down in New Orleans, during the line “where the women are very pretty” the camera pans down to Tiana.
  • The man beside her during the above sees her. His eyes widen as he notices her beauty and he prepares to woo her. He takes the flower from his pocket and is prepared to give it to her. But alas she doesn’t notice him at all.
  • During the beginning after Prince Naveen steps off of the boat he tries to woo Tiana after he notices her beauty. She gives him a look signaling for him to go away.
  • Charlotte even acknowledged Tiana’s beauty

So yeah. There were plenty of mentions and even more sprinkled in throughout the movie. It’s just not as in-your-face as Belle having an entire musical number dedicated to her beauty.

The twelfth point.  Tiana is a black hard-working women. This also ties in a little with the thirteenth point. Black stereotypes. Now I personally did not take issue with the theme of hard work. However unbeknownst to me the “hard-working black women” is a stereotype. This doesn’t sound like a bad thing right? Here’s the thing though, I come from a VERY traditional family. Where ideally the women stays at home and doesn’t work at all. Yes, very anti-feminist. I am in no way, shape or form a feminist but I also don’t take issue with this hard working black female character. Being productive and hard-working is a great trait to have regardless of your race or gender. That is what I like about this movie. The main focus of the movie wasn’t this girls face but it was her character. She is willing to work hard for what she wants. I think that this is an important lesson to learn early especially in this increasingly lazy world that we live in. Working hard got her her dream and shut up any naysayers. The first time she tried to buy the lot she was told that she was out-sold and she was told that “a women of her background would have her hands full”. She overcame these struggles.

I’ll talk more about number thirteen here. I think that I’ve covered everything in the points above. Or I’ll at least cover the rest with the last point.

The 14th and final point. She was a frog for most of it. I don’t find this complaint valid. The only reason being that had she been any other race no one would have complained. This is a fun and new twist on a fairy-tale classic. Plus this means that they actually fell in love with each other. I say actually because it wasn’t love at first sight like most Disney movies. As frogs on their journey to becoming human again they got to know each other. Also if you watch the movie you will notice Naveen dreamily staring at Tiana a lot of the time. Meaning even as a frog he found her beautiful (another mention to her beauty). This is a couple that would stand the tests of time. Unlike most couples that would most likely fall apart after a few months with each other.

So after reading this post I would encourage anyone who disliked this movie to give it another chance. If you still don’t like it then perhaps it’s just not your cup of tea. My family doesn’t like Tarzan either which is absolutely insane in my opinion. But it speaks to the point above.

Thank you for reading,

God bless






Running Away From God

running away

It’s sounds odd right? The notion of running from an all loving God. Why would you run from someone who loves you so much that he sacrificed his ONLY begotten son so that you may live? Someone who literally gave you life and literally gave you everything. It would make more sense that anyone with a properly functioning brain would stick close to such a person, right? Well unfortunately things aren’t so black and white.

I keep doing the same things over and over again. That is why I run from God. Us humans are imperfect creatures due to sin. Sin, sadly is unavoidable in this world. I know what the solution is to my problem. Jesus. Seriously. Jesus really is always the answer. After you sin you aren’t supposed to run from God, hiding yourself in shame. You are supposed to go confess your sins and pray for forgiveness. But I know that many of us would sometimes rather hide. It’s like once you pray and all that you’re afraid to live your life again. Because what if you sin again? Then the process starts all over again.

But that’s not the right way to think. The Bible speaks so much about God’s patience for a reason. There are people who don’t get saved until they’re well into their retirement. God is SO patient. But that patience isn’t for you test or take advantage of. That patience is for when you unknowingly sin or accidentally sin. I’ve gotten somewhat off topic here. Nevertheless when you sin you are to run to Him and then only focus on Him.

I have found in the past that this tactic really works. There was time when I stopped focusing on myself and instead focused on Him. I found myself less stressed, less worried because I knew that he had my back and knew what was best for me the entire time. But I stopped this practice once things got better. I became obsessed with idols and sinned to my heart’s content. I knowingly did this too. In the back of my mind my conscience and spirit kept telling me to go to God. But I was too ashamed and I just thought how could I possibly face him now? I don’t deserve to pray to him. Surely he doesn’t want hear from me.

But really it’s the opposite. God is glad to hear from any of his children because he loves us so.  Once you pray and make an effort you have to keep going back to him everyday and any chance you get; which anytime and day really. So there are no excuses. This is a journey that I’m going to do my best to complete. The goal is of course to be as close him as possible before THE DAY comes. If anyone reading this can relate then let us go on this journey together, with Jesus. And remember it is imperative that you persevere and hang on tightly to Jesus and not listen to whatever self scornful thoughts that the enemy puts in your head. This is advice that I will try to practice and not just preach.

God bless

The Worship of the Rich and Famous


Everyone wants to be rich. I want to be rich. Not everyone wants to be famous, however everyone wants their fifteen minutes. I would be lying if I said that I had never fantasized about having everyone’s eyes on me; even if just for a moment. But as a society we seem to covet these people or what they have. There is a strange, sick fascination with the wealthy and well-known.

In the past I too indulged in this obsession. I used to watch a lot of reality TV; Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Flavor of Love, Bad Girls Club, the lot. I know that I personally enjoyed watching these people toil and triumph in their everyday lives. As though they weren’t real. As though I were watching a movie. We get a kick out of seeing these people’s lives fall apart in front of our very eyes. I would love seeing girls fight each other over men and rumors and he said, she said nonsense. Why is this considered normal?

I’ve done some reading and I have found that a lot of this comes from dissatisfaction in our own lives. Say you find yourself lonely and single on Valentines day. You might watch The Bachelor where you can vicariously live through these people who are going on dates and having a fun and exciting time with someone that they love (someone that they claim they love). Maybe you are barely making ends meet and so you turn on a show in the The Real Housewives series to see someone with an abundance of wealth and imagine yourself in a similar position. This is what I have deduced so far. People watch these celebrities because they want fame and money.

But here’s what I think. We are giving the wrong people attention. Way back when, I’m talkin’ like 1700’s, 1800’s we used to give our attention and respect to scientists and doctors and people who wanted to make a difference in the world for the better. Now all eyes are on reality TV stars and actors and musicians and athletes. In fact they are some of the richest people on the planet. In what world does it make sense that a basketball player makes more than a doctor? Oh what a world we live in…

We live in this technological age where you have an abundance of knowledge at your fingertips. But people would rather learn more about the “Brangelina” divorce. Educational TV exists but people would rather know what the Kardashians are doing. We put these people on a pedestal and for what? Because they dress nice? Because they look good? Because they entertain us…I could go into the value of entertainment over knowledge but that’ll be another post.

Thank you for reading,

God bless


poorly drawn heart

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…The Haddaway song lyrics resonate in my head when I think about it. Love that is. But seriously; what is love? I feel a little dumb asking this question but surely there are others out there who also think this way, right?

Love is complicated. Love is blind. Love is pain and joy. Love scares me. I say that maybe because I’m inexperienced. I’ve only ever been on one date in my twenty years of life and I’ve never had my first kiss. So when I watch movies and hear songs about love I just can’t understand where their coming from. When I am with my friends and someone has their significant other with them and their doing their couples stuff I just can’t help but be confused.

Here is what I don’t understand. How is it that these relationships are formed? I have difficulty making friends. I’m very introverted. But, there are plenty of introverted people in the world that get married and have relationships. So naturally I ask myself, what am I doing wrong? I could go on and on about what I think is wrong with me but that is for another post. I don’t understand how people get to that place where they are so comfortable with each other and then their vulnerable…it almost makes me uncomfortable. I just don’t understand how you can be that close to someone who you haven’t even known your whole life. I, like many are most comfortable in the company of my family. I’ve had friends whom I’ve considered close but I just can’t imagine being close enough to share their everything with another person.

Maybe I’m just being silly about this. Maybe all of this is just because I’m inexperienced. I was even uncomfortable on that one date that I went on. I only agreed to go because I thought that it would only be right to give the guy a chance. Maybe we would click instantly and fall in love or something. But nope. I wasn’t attracted to him at all and the food we got wasn’t that good.

And (yes I am perfectly aware that you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with the word and. But guess what? I’m gonna do what I want) another thing. In the past according to those close to me I don’t know what love is and or I certainly have a funny way of showing it. I reacted with an incredulous look on my face at the accusation. I demanded evidence. They said that I don’t think about them, that I don’t stand up for them. That I don’t do anything for them. I immediately thought back to the things that I had said to them. Kind words, thoughtful gifts, etc. But these things weren’t enough. At the time I didn’t understand where this anger was coming from. They didn’t feel loved. I didn’t know what I had to do to prove that I loved them. I stayed silent and took the verbal beating and I tried to think about what I could do to improve my situation. To this day I honestly still don’t know what I am to do about this. I feel lost and confused and like they will always feel unloved by me. Maybe the problem is that I don’t know how to show it. Through doing favors for them? By giving them something special on their birthday? But will these make a difference? Love is confusing and intricate and complex and I don’t know…Yeah. That’s it. I don’t know.

Thank you listening to me.

God bless