June Monthly Recs.

monthly recs

I chose this picture because I feel like this little monthly post that I do is just me talking about what I enjoy. Which it is. I also didn’t know what picture to use

TV Shows:
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I know I’m late on the Scandal train but, I’m really enjoying this show. It is full of interesting and dynamic characters who all have great chemistry with each other; especially President Grant and Olivia Pope. This is show for someone looking for something thrilling, romantic and fun.

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This show is so good. It is SO good. I know on the outset it looks dumb, right? That’s what I though too, at first. But that image of a dumb show about a talking horse wearing clothes is not at all what this show is. I’m glad that I watched, this show has influenced me in the way that I write, it has influenced my taste in shows and the way that I look at other people. Bojack Horseman is so funny and so deep and so sad. But, you’ll be happy you gave it chance. Trust me.

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I’ve seen the movie Psycho. I quite enjoyed it and when I heard that a TV series based on the film was being made I turned my nose up and didn’t give it a chance. Until I decided to humor it and watch one episode. I loved it immediately. This show is entrancing and thrilling to watch. It’ll grab onto you immediately and you won’t want it to let go. That sounded kinda creepy but, rather fitting for the show don’t you think?


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This is a Korean film about zombies. Who cares right? Zombies have been done to death. That’s what I thought until I heard about all the success that this movie has had. So much so that an American version is said to be in the works. So I watched it. I love this movie so much. It definitely has a place in my heart, right next to The Breakfast Club. This movie does zombies right. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will make you laugh and cry and sweat. It’s so good.

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This eight year old animated film is fun and endearing and a little creepy. The animation in this movie is on point as well. I love how they gave each figure their own look.  I love 9 because I’ve never seen an apocalypse done this way. With no people. I know it may not seem that interesting but these little characters make their way into your heart and the story that revolves around them will make you think.

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I’ll be honest I was a little wary of this movie before choosing to watch it. I didn’t look like the mystery would be very enthralling at all. However I was pleasantly surprised that it was just that. This movie has all kinds of twists and turns in it and not everything is as it seems. Which a good mystery should do.

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I was up late one night and decided to turn to this. This movie is so interesting. This film starring Cher and Winona Ryder will have you feeling nostalgic and happy. This is a movie to watch on a dreary day with not much to do. I know that the movie poster may make it look kinda kooky and like a bad comedy, but it’s not. There are definitely comedic moments but this movie will have you feeling some type of way by the end of it.


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I have so much to say about this movie. First of all the animation is stunning, it is beautiful. The storyline is deep and the ending is realistic. I love the focus around the weather, they met in the rain and the rain became a theme. The rain meant that they would see each other again. I would recommend this movie to someone who says that they don’t like anime. I would recommend this film to everyone.

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I gotta talk about the animation first (again). This anime looks so different. It is different. It is distinct to this anime. This anime has such an interesting color scheme and it shows way more as soon as they get to the realm of Disboard. I love all of the thought that went into the games that they play; the way that they are played. I love their relationship as brother and sister and I love seeing how close they are to each other. Plus, who doesn’t love an anime genius or two?

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If you’ve been in the anime community for an extended period of time then you have probably seen this guy once or twice. I decided to watch this to see what all the hype was about. It definitely lived up to its reputation. I love this character so much, I love how dynamic and real this dude is. The supporting characters of course have their own interesting stories to tell and they help to build this character up even more. But listen if you watch this, stop after the Shishio arc and go read the manga picking up from where you left off in the anime. After the Shishio arc nothing is canon in the anime.


The Hand That Feed You-A. J. Rich

This book is a page turner from front to back. You meet some questionable characters in this book. Of course like all good mysteries there is quite the twist at the end. The way things went down is the shocking and of course the who-dun-it is answered in a way that would terrify anyone.

The Life We Bury-Allen Eskens

This book is rather dark. It deals with a lot of interesting topics. But the main character is really someone to root for. He’s relatable and I love it. I can honestly say that the reveal was shocking, at least for me. Once again, a page turner.


Twice- Three Times A Day

This song has an unexpected calypso (islandy) feel to it. It’s catchy and different from their usual.

F(x)- Milk

This song has Indian roots to it and I absolutely love it. It goes in different directions all throughout the song and they do this lovely harmonized verse during the middle of the song. The bridge is everything and they should be bigger.

F(x)- Shadow

This song is a little creepy but it’s different. The song is about a shadow that falls in love with its caster. This is catchy and will put a smile on your face.

Wings- Hair Short

Wings is duo of two very talented girls and I don’t understand why they aren’t bigger. I fell in love with song with the first listen. The video is the classic creepy twins and they fall in love this guy and then they kill him. It’s great, I swear. But seriously this song was a bop. I’m still waiting on their comeback. Give it a listen.


I really miss MBLAQ. I don’t know if they’re still together or not but, if you’ve been in the Kpop community for awhile you’ve probably heard of them. This song got me hip to this group. It is dramatic and fun to listen to. This is the song that you would sing along to dramatically in front of a mirror at home.

Thank you for reading,

God bless


Why I Like Anime


Before I begin this post I just want to put it out there that I am not a weeaboo. Ok? Ok.

So as you can tell by the title I like anime. I like it a lot. My first anime was either Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z, I’m unsure which came first. Back then I wasn’t aware that what I was witnessing was Japanese animation. I did, however, notice the difference in the style of the animation. American animation doesn’t look like this. I noticed that American animation tends to lean more towards the cartoony/goofy side whereas Japanese animation will often try to mimic the real world a little more. I really enjoy this detail-oriented style of animation.

I come for the animation and I stay for the stories. Anime tell stories that are unlike most American cartoons or movies. Think about it though. Is there anything on TV like Naruto or Dragonball Z or even Death Note? If there are please let me know because I haven’t seen anything like these anime. Anime is different; not only for the stories that they tell, but also the way that they tell them. During funny moments the animation style will suddenly change. It could go from sharp lines and considerable details to bold, rounded outlines with the facial features suddenly becoming nothing more than a few black lines. Or vice versa. This isn’t something that you see in American animation. I was watching season 3 of The World God Only Knows (great show, 9/10, would recommend) and one of the characters calls the main character a cockroach. The main character, feeling defeated then proceeds to actually become a roach and is crawling through the halls of the school. All of this while the main character is having this inner monologue and then he is squished by a teacher. This is another example of something that I’m not entirely sure that American animation could successfully get away with.

Another thing. The theme songs. The ending songs. Theme songs are a huge part of anime. Everyone knows the Pokemon theme song, everyone knows the Attack On Titan theme songs, they are an integral part of the anime itself. Prior to the start of the actual anime the theme song will set the tone and give you a taste of what your in for. The second theme song to Attack On Titan at first makes you feel patriotic; you know, they’re in this army and they are uniting against these monsters (the titans). Then it takes a dramatic turn because the anime is epic and it has a lot of serious moments. You get a lot of information from the theme song; they’re also just a lot of fun. I mention the endings because they often will portray a different side of the anime. The intro to Inuyasha is epic but the endings are often very calm. The ending (Every Heart) shows you that the characters have hard moments and internal struggles but then in the ending the sun comes out and they have hope and they have each other. They too are also a lot of fun.

I stopped watching Anime for awhile while I was in high school and also during college. The second semester of my freshman year of college was when I picked it back up and started watching an anime called Fairytail. Anime is just so much fun to watch, they have good lessons in them, they teach you stuff, they make you laugh and cry and you can learn a little about another culture. You’ll be introduced to new ideas; things you’ve never even thought of.

Now I will say that there are some people who take their love of anime a little too far…the weeaboos. These people are obsessed with anime and manga and they try be Japanese even though they aren’t. It’s a total cringe fest and it’s not something that should be encouraged. The reason I say that I’m not a weeaboo is because I’m not obsessed with anime and manga or Japan. I do enjoy it, but I don’t live and breath for it.

So yeah I guess that’s all I have to say about that. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen any anime before or maybe you’ve only heard of it or maybe you had a bad experience with a weeaboo to try it again. There are funny anime, there are serious anime, there are sad anime, all sorts of genres to choose from. This month I will be starting a new thing on this blog called: Monthly Reccs. On this list of recommendations I will be recommending all kinds anime as well as some other things. So you can look forward to that if you are interested in anime but you don’t know what to start with.

Thank you for reading,

God bless


Cabin in the Sky (spoilers)

cabin in the sky

Cabin in the Sky came out in 1943. A time of war, struggle and racism. Cabin in the Sky was a chance. A chance for black people in America to change history. This film was the first ever to star an all-black cast. So of course producing this musical to movie came with big risks, especially of the financial kind. The play was written by a white man named Lynn Root, produced by another white man named Arthur Freed and directed by yet another white man named Vincente Minnelli, ironic.

‘Little’ Joe Jackson has a bad gambling problem. This habit gets him into some serious trouble when temptation came knocking and he answered the door. Joe is shot and the doctor says that Joe may not make it. Whilst Joe is on his death bed Lucifer Jr. comes to visit him. I liked this scene. At first you see the candle flicker on on its own then the camera pans to a growing shadow with horns. I liked this because it was subtle like the devil himself is and it gave off an insidious vibe. Lucifer Jr. tells Joe that he’s come to take him to hell. Before Lucifer Jr. can make off with him an angel of the Lord appears and stops him. He tells Joe that due to Petunia’s strong prayers that he has a chance. They give him 6 more months to live and prove himself and change. But, there’s a catch; he won’t remember anything. So he has the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

I must give major props to Ethel Waters for her portrayal of Petunia Jackson. Ethel Waters was born for this role. Petunia is written as warm and good in contrast to her on-screen husband, Joe. When we first meet Petunia we immediately get a sense of who she is and what she’s about. She is first seen dressed very modestly in church, all covered up. She then begins to sing the hymn proudly with a big smile on her face. You can feel this character through the screen. She is very warm and I enjoyed her screen time. Petunia’s love for and faith in God is a part of her character. She extends this love to her husband. One of my favorite scenes is when Joe awakens and Petunia is so over-joyed that she begins to sing to Joe. This is one of my favorites because it is so strongly reiterated just how much Petunia loves Joe. Of course the song she sings here is called ‘Happiness is a thing called Joe’ but I mean the way that she looked at him while singing was fantastic.

At the beginning the preacher and a fellow church goer have a conversation about Joe. “I heard he’s coming of his own free will.” “I’ll believe that when I see it.” This insinuates that prior to this occasion Petunia was dragging Joe to church, this further speaks to just how much she loves her husband. Although many would say that Joe is no good considering his non-Christian behavior. But, Petunia truly believed in him all the way and she never gave up and never stopped praying. Petunia, in my opinion, is a character to admire and look up to for these characteristics. At the same time Petunia is this imperfect character because towards the end we see her come to the same bar as Joe and she is dressed extravagantly, she demands Joe’s money and renounces him as her husband. This happens after she believes that Joe’s been unfaithful to her. This shows that even someone who seemed so holy before can fall prey to sin, especially if they are hurt the way that Petunia was. This makes us human; definitely not a good thing. But, Petunia Jackson just became more relatable to the audience.

Petunia and Joe have a great dynamic. When they go out to the park Petunia tells Joe of the cabin in the sky that’s waiting for them. You can see it in Joe’s eyes how much he loves his wife. It is during this time that we see how unsure of himself Joe is. When Petunia sings about heaven and this cabin Joe doesn’t look at Petunia. He looks out at the sky instead. To him this is a dream that he doesn’t think will come true. Petunia reassures him. As the songs goes on he begins to believe in himself and his smile widens because she gives him hope.

Joe may have been a troubled man but he did love Petunia. When he was supposed to be in church his gambling buddies go see him and tell him that if he wins this last game then he can get something nice for Petunia. Had they not brought her up Joe would have gone to church accordingly and we wouldn’t have much of a movie. After Joe awakens and becomes well again he has a really good streak and he refrains from sin. Keep in mind that he doesn’t remember the meeting with the angel and Lucifer Jr. but he does these things for Petunia. I do think that Joe is religious character but he lost hope in himself and is unsure but, if he can make Petunia happy then that’s good enough. When Petunia is shot and killed at the end I love Joe’s expression. I don’t love that he was sad but I love the way that he did that scene. The quiet and desperate “Petunia?” that comes from him as he looks only at his dying wife while the gun is still pointed at him.

One of my favorite scenes is during the “Consequences” song. Georgia Brown comes around to seduce Joe but he says no. This is major turn in his character. We saw earlier when he was supposed to be in church, he couldn’t say no and ended up getting hurt. This time he is thinking of the consequences of his actions, hence the name of the song. This once again is where we see how important Petunia is to Joe.

Georgia Brown. The devil’s favorite. Her entrance is much different from Petunia’s. When we get our first look at Georgia she isn’t even fully dressed. We get a look at where she lives and you can see that her room and it’s pretty and feminine and full of things. Lucifer Jr. directs her every move. He tells her to put on something nice and wear her best perfume to go seduce Joe. She is the polar opposite of Petunia. Georgia Brown uses her femininity in the bad way. She shows off her body and takes pride in all of her material things and she is a homewrecker. She is a classic example of a sinful person who came to Jesus. At the end she ends up being Joe’s saving grace. After Joe and Petunia die she rebukes her ways and gets saved and prays for Joe thus getting him into heaven.

I would lying if I said that I didn’t have a few criticisms for this film. I understand that this movie was made in the 40s and back then they couldn’t do a lot of what they do in films today. But, there were a lot of really cheesy points. When Lucifer Jr. first appeared at first it was a shadow, then he came into view and it was the stereotypical devil with horns. Except the horns were made from this guy’s afro… Then every time Lucifer Jr. appeared on screen he did this maniacal laugh and it was rather corny. Also keeping in mind that this was originally a play and most of the actors that appeared in the movie were apart of the original production some of the scenes were a bit over-acted in my opinion. The scene where Joe awakens to see Lucifer Jr. his reactions were over the top. His eyes widened so big and he basically acted like someone would have in a play.

This is a story about life and the power of prayer. For little Joe Jackson prayer changed everything for him. He was led into temptation and he entertained it for a long time until he met someone worth changing for. This story is one that should inspire and give hope to all us sinners. Joe thought that all hope for him was lost but, he found salvation. And so can you.

Thank you for reading,

God Bless





I am not a feminist. I am women who wants to enjoy being a women. I don’t want to be equal to a man either. Women in the west already have all of the same rights as men. Women were at first put on a pedestal; God’s most precious creation. But, feminism came along and ruined all of that. I honestly only see things getting worse from here on in. I’ll explain to you below why I feel such disdain about feminism.


Many feminists claim that feminism is all about equality. That women and men should be the same and have equal rights and whatnot. Here’s the thing though. We already do, especially here in the U.S.

Feminists will preach till the cows come home about equality however the movement is anything but. Feminists have done nothing for men and everything for women. Feminism has only tried to exclude men and put women above men in actuality. In Austin, Texas the Alamo Drafthouse theater decided to host a women-only showing of the new Wonder Woman movie that just came out, inequality. In 2015 in Colorado Springs some female cops felt that the physical fitness exam was not fair to women so they went to court and filed a federal lawsuit. Can you believe that they actually won? I can’t. Once again not equality. If men have to take this fitness test in order to pass and become a cop then women should also.

Feminists are hateful, not just towards men but also at other women. Mainly women who choose to be housewives. They want to fight for the right for women to make their own choices but when a woman chooses the traditional route suddenly she too is an enemy.

The Wage Gap

The wage gap is a myth. Since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 women and men have been paid equally for doing the same job. If it were legal to pay women less than men than you can bet your sweet pippy that a lot of companies would hire more women and reject men. If there is a reason that women in general make less than men it’s because of the different career choices that men and women make. Women are more likely to take time off to care for their children, women dominate lower paying careers like social work, and education. Men are willing to work longer hours and do more dangerous jobs; in fact men are more likely to die on the job than women. There is no gender wage gap.

Rape Culture

Rape culture is not a thing either. There is this incorrect statistic going around saying that 1 in 5 women in college are raped or sexually assaulted. The real statistic is more like 1 in 52 which is still a lot but, this confirms that you are actually safer at your college than when you aren’t. The study took responses from two big universities in the U.S. No one’s responses were verified and terms were not specified. Did you know that the authors of the survey said that using their survey to come to such a conclusion was inappropriate? Plus their is also the fact that in the U.S. rape has been found to be on a downward slope for a long time now and I can only see it continuing to get lower. I got this information from Prager University.

Rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, I would never stand by a rapist. A false accusation of rape is also a really terrible thing. This is something that I’ve seen increase quite a bit. Typically it’s feminists who are the ones making these false claims. When you falsely accuse a man of rape you are ruining his life. Most women are aware that the court will immediately side with the woman and feminists use this against men all the time. It’s cruel. Even if that man is innocent and he is accused of rape then he will most likely have an incredibly hard time finding a job, finding a lover, finding a friend. He’ll be hated by a lot of people, people he doesn’t even know. You would think that feminists would try and combat this unfair system since they’re supposedly all about equality, but they don’t. Also did you know that men are actually more likely to get raped when you include prison? Where are the feminists to help the men getting raped in prison?


Women are not oppressed in America. I’ve seen claims that oppression is when a women is expected to behave or look a certain way in order to get a job or have a nice, successful date. If you show up to a job interview with your hair looking like  a rat’s nest and your clothes all disheveled then your chances of getting that job are slim. If you decide on a date to a nice restaurant that you will be as unpleasant as you like and show up in a T-shirt and jeans then your date is most definitely going to be turned off. You can’t walk around looking and behaving like Shrek and then expect Prince Charming to still come around.

The phrase “I don’t need a man” needs to disappear entirely. Yes. Yes, you do need a man. We all need men. You can’t use that phrase and adopt that mentality and then wonder why you can’t get a boyfriend. Woman was created after man. We are supposed to be partners. That mentality says that you think as a woman that you can have it all. For the most part it’s not possible. For some rich women yes, for most others no. You could have a kid and have a job and have a husband. Usually the kid gets neglected in these situations or God forbid-you have a “house-husband”. I’ll get into gender roles in another post. Typically these situations don’t end well for the child he or she will end up messed up in the head. Children need their mothers and it is incredibly difficult for a woman to give one hundred percent at work and then come home and give just as much to their child and husband. So most women don’t have a child until their in their late 30’s or forties and by then it’s either too late or it’s very dangerous to have a child. So they end up depressed because they chose their job over having children and/or getting married.

Sluts/Victim Blaming

Being a slut is not something to take pride in. No one (man or women) should take pride in sleeping with tons of people. It’s disgusting. When you sleep around you are sharing yourself with lots people. You cannot just give these intimate moments to any old Joe-schmo. The gift of sex is to be shared with the person you marry and no one else. Otherwise when you get married the special moment isn’t special. And you probably have an STD. Walking around scantily clad will not stop rape. Yes, I’m talking about the slut walk. Something that should not have ever happened. Walking around topless for everyone to see you is only going to tell people the message that you don’t value yourself and that you are the kind of person who thinks that that behavior is ok. It is not ok to be a slut.

I am certainly not one for victim blaming. If someone gets raped then it is the rapist who is at fault and no one else. At the same time the women who gets raped needs to understand that you should not go out half-dressed, drunk out of your mind and hang around a sleazy bar especially if you’re alone. That’s not victim blaming that’s called having common sense.

Women in Media

Feminists say that all sorts of media sexualize women. They aren’t wrong. A lot of media does sexualize women. This I think, has more to do with the fact that the media loves to sensationalize everything. Sex sells and that’s basic marketing. Also does the media not also sexualize men? Does the media not have huge, ripped shirtless guys everywhere? Isn’t feminism about equality? So shouldn’t feminists also be fighting against the sexualization of men in the media?

I’ll bring body image into this too; It keeps changing. Way back when, it was popular for women to be overweight, that meant that you could afford food, that you were so wealthy that you could afford an abundance of food. It was popular for women to be stick thin as well, like in the nineties. Here’s what I’ll say about this. Parents: You control what your child sees, you help to shape the way that your child thinks. If you don’t want your child to idolize what they see on TV then turn the channel or better yet turn the TV off. Instill some confidence and pride in your kid. These days Hollywood idolizes healthy bodies. Bony figures these days are seen as unhealthy. If you’re an adult you can’t allow the media to tell you what you should look like. You should just do your best to be healthy and adopt healthy practices. You have a mind of your own, remember that. Plus shouldn’t feminists also concern themselves about what men think of their bodies? Shouldn’t feminists be upset with Calvin Klein ads that feature buff, glistening handsome men?

Also I want to just add that as a child I didn’t care about the standards of beauty that I saw on the screen. That is the way that a child should think. I wasn’t concerned with how thin I was; I just wanted to play and have fun.

Ok, I think I’ve covered most of the main points. I don’t want equality; I want to be treated like a lady. When I’m on a date I expect the man to pay, I expect the man to hold the door open for me, I expect a man to speak gently to me; not in a patronizing way obviously. But I don’t want my boyfriend to speak to me the same way he does with his guy friends. Now I’m not saying I’m special. I’m not perfect, I’m not Elizabeth Taylor but, I’m a woman. I believe in the traditional, Biblical definition of what a godly woman should be. I’m not saying it’s not difficult, cause it is. We unfortunately were born into sin so yes we’ll struggle. As you grow in Christ things get better, they always do. I just really hate that feminism has taken such strides to take women off of the pedestal that we were originally placed upon. A woman’s purpose is to give birth and help the man unless God specifically has a special plan for you. That is my stance on feminism.

Thank you for reading,

God bless





sensitive bubbles

I really am. This is something that I’m not proud of. My feelings get hurt easily and holy crap. Holy Crap. I really really really really really really really really REALLY wish that I was one of those people that could take anything thrown at them and not react. Or that I was one of those people that could take it and throw it back with equal or more intensity. But alas, I’m not. Do you wanna know what I do instead?

I cry. Or I’ll hide my face so they don’t see my reaction. But they can see it. I hate giving anyone that satisfaction; maybe it’s because I’m a millenial that I have this issue. I’m not saying that I want to be some soulless monster but I just…I don’t know. Things would just be easier if I could turn off my feelings sometimes. I’m sure that that’s how a lot of people feel. When there is an issue I’ll know for a fact that it was either my fault or someone else’s or it’s in the past or whatever, I’m basically saying that I know all the logistics of what’s happening and why. So for me when I cry it’s this physical reaction that I feel I have no control over. When I think about the issue or try to solve it I don’t want to cry but I just do. Then you know what happens? I get looked at like I’m crazy. I just wish that someone would understand that crying is just this physical reaction. I know everything but, I don’t know why I’m crying. I wish that people would understand that and then just leave it be. Just leave me to solve the issue or help me solve the issue-just don’t look at me like I’m crazy for crying.

It’s not even that nasty, sobbing, nose dripping crying either. But, I am sensitive. That’s something that I hope to fix in the future. I hate being affected the way that I am. I am sensitive to people’s words and actions and to the way that they look at me. I see others and they seem unaffected by any of those things or at least they have perfected the “poker face”. This is the method that seems most feasible. I’m getting better too. I do my best to keep a straight face and think about something else, ignore the sadness or rage brewing in my belly and think about something nice…like cake or F is For Family(great show on Netflix, NOT for kids). I’m not alone in feeling this way right? I don’t feel alone in this. Like I said this may just be a millenial problem or it could just be that some people are more sensitive than others.

Speaking of sensitivity is there any truth to a person possessing the ‘highly sensitive’ trait? Or is this some new generation mumbo jumbo? Because a lot of that seems to apply to me. I would love to blame something like that for me being the way that I am but it seems like an lame excuse…If it’s not an excuse, great. Then I am a highly sensitive person, if it’s nonsense then I’m just sensitive. Whatever.

Thanks for reading,

God bless